!Raise the Flag

Raise the Flag – a magnificent historic album, a gift by Yad Yaari in honor of the 100 anniversary of the movement!  Raise the Flag unfolds the 100 year long story of Hashomer Hatzair as reflected by the historical flags collection in the movement archives at Givat Haviva. Around 250 items from the very best of the collection are presented in the book accompanied by articles, reviews, drawings, photos and a “Shomer phrasebook”, which together create an authentic representation of the history and the way of Hashomer Hatzair, the world’s first Jewish youth movement. The book is a celebration of colors and forms, written in Hebrew with a back cover, introduction and sub-titles in English. No Shomer book-shelf is complete without it! You may browse through a sample of the book pages here. For orders please mail Yad Yaari archives or call 04-6309232 in Israel (edition is limited).

בתוקף עד 31/12/2030


עד 10 מוצרים